Psyko 5.1 Surround Sound PC Gaming Headphones - BLOWOUT!!

$ 149.99 $ 75.00


If you’re a first-person shooter, RPG or MMO enthusiast, experience the ultimate in gaming gear; the Psyko 5.1 PC gaming headset. Psyko 5.1s are the first true surround sound speaker system built into a gaming headset. The result is revolutionary. Experience every sound detail from all directions, increasing your reaction times and giving you the edge. Our award-winning and patented Psykowave technology places, speakers, more accurately than many room systems. You hear more game detail and experience greater positional awareness than ever before.

• Five individual speakers in the bridge of the headset to recreate the perfect room
• Pivot-open ear cups keep your ears cool during extended play and hear others
• Precision audio waveguides naturally drive the sound to both ears with zero latency and instant positional awareness
• Simple setup - no software drivers, plug and play
• Psyko Amp with fully adjustable bass, volume control, and 5 LED visual direction indicator