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March 06, 2014 by Jeff Weiland
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Hannah said:

Just received a pair I bought online. I love the quality and how easy it was to order them. I would highly recommend these compared to other headphones. Reasonably priced compared to other companies as well!

Everett P.

Everett P. said:

Man, I just got my new Krankz headphones and these things sound awesome, the bass pumps. I was using a set of plug in Beats on my phone, but these blow them away. Great headphones!!!

sam sam

sam sam said:

Please, please, please! I’m begging you! Pleeeaaasse, please, pretty pretty please,.. can you make a headset compatible with the Xbox 360? I’m definitely ordering if you do! I’m delaying buying any other make (even though I’m desperate haha) in the hope that you are, or will be, making a compatible set. Many thanks in advance, and well done on the new technology!

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